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    “These insights, lessons and frameworks are preparing thought leaders of organizations and businesses to expand their capacity for growth. ”

    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL


    Growth, it’s what moves the needle. It’s what gets us excited. Physically, mentally, spiritually, personally and professionally. Intentional growth manifests itself in the mind, it’s a mindset. To begin to ‘install’ this mindset you must believe growth can happen before it has a chance.


    Our kids are in a 20-year school system that does not even teach 2X growth strategies or concepts, yet we live in a world where exponential growth strategies (10X+) are required to keep up.

    Just as every product/service originates from a thought, exponential growth originates from a mindset. You can read about 10X in a book, but to make it habitual you need to ‘install’ it.